AKG’s K is an open headphone, and fits over the ear rather than resting on it. The Shure also offers more inner detail, but less of a sense of spaciousness than the K Previous article in this issue: I’ve tried out many different types of headphone over the years, and this is one of the best I’ve used in terms of musical honesty. No, create an account now. Deepfunk also had K pads which can easily replace the original pads.

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You can try this for yourself by listening via headphones and then pushing them closer to your ears; you should notice a dramatic increase in bass because the headphone diaphragm has moved closer to your ear and the proximity effect is causing a k50 degree of bass lift.

In that case a higher gain would help. Which one you find better for acoustic and classical musical? I think the K is one of those headphones that you need to audition personally as it is more than just a frequency response issue.

I might be a typical AKG thing They’re light, robust, comfortable and they sound very good indeed — but k5000 not cheap! With old, flat and porous pads the K is only a shadow of its true self. When under current, I find the K to suffer more than the K Frequency response tonal balance is the most sound-determining aspect of headphones. The donut shaped pads are made out of synthetic leather material, and people often upgraded the alg to either the K or the K pads.


AKG K500 Headphone Reviews

Both the K and the K may be rated at Ohms, but they are far more difficult to drive, than headphones with higher impedance ratings such as the HD Ohms and the HD Ohms. Solderdude Grab the dScope Kowalski!

Gear in this article: Learn how your comment data is processed. It is an open headphone design and sounds from the j500 enter almost unattenuated.

AKG K Reviews :: Headphone Reviews

The captive lead emerges from the left phone and appears to be terminated in a gold-plated, quarter-inch stereo jack. In other words, instead of the headphone being in the form of a sealed enclosure which fits over the ears, the transducer is mounted in an acoustically transparent basket and spaced away from the head by means of padded cushions.

AKG K with K pads sounds somewhat better in the bass area. They had maintenance in mind when designing and building them. Few is almost an understatement here The two Ks I’ve owned were slightly different, and I’ve never heard K Gave them a small overhaul cleaned themand been listening to these since.

While this makes it difficult to predict the effect of the same musical mix over loudspeakers, it can be helpful in checking that all the sounds are where they were intended to be and that any stereo effects sound properly balanced.


See this qkg a k500 light, as it remains a headphone that still lacks bass extension. The K pads bring some improvements which are most noticeable in having slightly more body. Furthermore, the relative level of the bass end doesn’t change significantly when the phones are pressed closer to the head, which bodes well for consistency between users.

You can send us a note about this article, or let us know of a problem – select the type from the menu above. K EP aky more bassy, more midrange intimate and a little warmer on highs, yet still with the same clarity, detail, speed, and qkg openess. I use Naim gear, and am looking forward to hearing their HeadLine headphone amp in my system. I do listen at higher levels than most.

Removing the cushions exposes the diaphragm assembly, which is around 30mm in diameter including the surround. Together with the grey leather headband looks as if it could be an original combination. The positives are a very neutral sound, no muddy-ness with good comfort.

The treble at 8kHz is lowered in amplitude and frequency. Reply June 19, Gustavo.

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