May be worth waiting for. It works well and is a pcie card. BB code is On. Downloading information from this Web site constitutes agreement with following terms and conditions. I haven’t purchased a new tuner in a while, but this is what I currently have. Thanks for the effort!

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I took a look on my PC and I have the following: That seems to be the driver for the 64 bit OS, I don’t know of any earlier versions.

I not only deleted every Avermedia folder on my hard m708, I also went into the registry and deleted every Avermedia instance I found Last edited by sdowney; at But I would assume there is probably one that is legally redistributable since the ngene code is upstream. I’m not sure what the original driver number was, I’m just wanting to try different things.

AverMedia By mapkel in forum Capturing.

Making an Avermedia Avertv Combo PCIE(M) work easy ATSC tuner

I use MythTV and I can designate which channels get used by which tuners. In terms of apps, you can find a list on linuc linuxtv. You must be logged in to post a comment. I think my AverMedia m card is about to meet my friend Percy Last edited by hdmi4ever; at By Cauptain in forum Capturing.


Analog works just fine, but still can’t get any channels even with the 2 links you provided. I imagine Mint does, but I dont know.

AverMedia M Drivers and Software. However the one I have says HVR on the label on the bottom. I thought the card had the stuff integrated in it, but just figured I’d ask.

Attached Files File Type: I don’t have Win Xp installed on anything, but I know people have had this card running great on Windows 10, problem is, I’m not them If you cable company goes encrypted, then you can reuse it for Antenna.

June 25, at 9: I installed the linux-firmware-nonfree 1.

But before I buy another tuner, I at least want some perspective on what to expect. The scan always comes up with 0 channels. Thanks 7m80 the info!

Download | AVerMedia

I think the card might be damaged like you said, because I’m not getting any sound on the Analog side from my VCR or my 8mm camcorder. Hi Jon, This avermecia the result of some kernel developers deciding it was a good idea to change the names of some popular functions, without any concern for the breakage it would cause with out of tree drivers or older kernels. I’ve ventured into those configuration settings for filters and I get lost Or get the Prime for 3 tuners, but if they go encrypted, you’ll need to get a CableCard or it’ll be useless.


Last edited by davexnet; 17th Aug at April 30, at 8: I can scan and get 38 channels with just my TV, but I want to be able to record and have a guide. What version of the driver do you have installed?

Maybe you could contact them to be a beta tester. Originally Posted by DAP. Legal Policy and Terms of this Web site:

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