Does this fix the problem or at least improve the situation? Posted on Mar 2, 9: I’m sure USB and wifi work just fine, but I didn’t have a reason to try them so I can’t give instructions for that. Duplicates of this bug Bug Fiorenzo De Santis fiod3s wrote on Most people prefer generic PCL drivers but with these drivers you can’t take advantage of all the features of your printer, in fact you are limited to a dpi resolution, you can’t use the toner saving etc. I ask because Xerox discontinues support at about 6 years.

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I spent a couple of hours trying to get it to postscropt, to no avail. When I go to the Brother Support page as given by chosk above, I get an error page. I forgot to mention in my last post that the issue only occurs when the printer is networked, not when it’s setup through a direct USB connection, or shared on the network via another computer.

User profile for user: Do brohher the following steps as root. I’m using the official Brother drivers provided at: How do you do that? Does this fix the problem or at least improve the situation?


I have 2 HLDW’s. It does not have wireless printing but I use it all the time. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Not Quite a Blog.

Printer: Brother HLDW | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

When I bought it, it was hands down the cheapest printer to run, and not particularly expensive to buy. So, how did I do this? Toner is relatively expensive though cheaper than inkjet. Convert these to tgz packages by using rpm2tgz.

Many vendors went with the emulation rather than pay Adobe to have full Postscript. However, after hauling my MacBook Pro across the room to connect it to the printer, re-running the setup application, and choosing the USB option, I was up and running in minutes, Wi-Fi and all. Fire up the printer, and it will emit an annoying hum for several minutes until it goes back to sleep.

Given this, it seems to be an Evince and other applications bug with a lack of advanced settings prior to printing. But what about printing itself? I don’t know why anyone who has an iPad would choose a non-airprint printer.


Why the Brother HL-2270DW Laser Printer Sucks Less

It curls duplex printouts even on quality paper quite noticeably. What about color postscrippt The minutes of humming afterward grinds my gears. This – the front edge of the brain, the most distant from the brain part of the visual analyzer.

Postscript Printing? – Apple Community

All replies Drop Down menu. One negative not discussed: It doesn’t do PostScript from the Mac. Overall I like it.

The server now runs CUPS See full activity log. I tried each of those options — downloading from Brother website, downloading the 1.

Hopefully that will save you a lot of time. For printing out volume classwork we had good luck using inexpensive indestructible Samsung laser printers for many years, but today the Brother HLDW is the current winner in price and utility.

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