I’ve tried all the ports, and the USB mouse works fine I have also tried the keyboard by itself in case of interference. If so, what could have happened to the keyboard controller or MB from the time the OS was installed and I got the machine. Windows will not try to detect or install any other devices until you get past this point. Does it boot if you removed the receiver for the mouse and keyboard? Mon Jan 14, 7: Thank you all for your suggestions.

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Do you not have a remote control client on it? There is no way that XP has come anywhere close to loading it’s kernel let alone its own kb driver in that first. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. After no avail, and frustration with Windows xp, I reformatted the hard drive and installed Windows 7.

Dell OPTIPLEX GX620 Keyboard Failure

I wouldn’t buy a product like that for those reasons, but that is just me. The XP Optillex blocks pings by default, doesn’t it? I have tried resetting the BIOS to default settings according to documentation at mfr. I have tried that, it also shows no change.


I have had this happen a few times. I am thinking that by default on this system, USB Legacy support is not enabled.

Keyboard Failure on start up (Dell OOptiplex gx) – Tech Support Forum

Jul 14, Posts: Wed Jan 16, Sorry, but I think I made an erroneous statement in my original post. I have an identical machine set up next keyboarx this one have you tried swapping the hard drive into the other machine to see if the problem follows?

Again, if you can’t remote into it, try a different keyboard and let us know if the mouse works. Oct 6, Posts: If you can navigate the menus you are in luck, but if you can’t, something is seriously wrong.

Originally Posted by Rich-M Well next move is a wired usb keyboard then mas has been suggested. Stupid thing is, if you are at the login screen, you don’t “see” this message as it will only show when you have logged in. Tue Jan 15, 2: In layman term, the keyboard controller chip on the motherboard has failed.

Had some other things to deal with since my last post. Jan 16, Posts: Mon Jan 14, 8: I also don’t believe it could be some other program loading, since it happens immediately post POST I needed to say it just once The Windows firewall.


Optiplex GX USB keyboard works in BIOS but not logon screen – Ars Technica OpenForum

Check the network light in the back of the PC. Nov 14, Posts: Another idea is to boot a rescue CD and enable Remote Desktop via the registry.

It will not respond optip,ex F8 for safe mode. Mon Jan 14, 6: I had a gx once playing dead no boot at all. Wrong USB drivers are there in the cache, your Net drivers are probably incorrect as well. Teaches me to try and retain those messages better. Make and model number of the mouse and keyboard? Initially the Dell rep didn’t believe this was possible.

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