Find all posts by bkilty The solution to find and start programs in Windows 8. You may want to install the Intel RST package the normal way now to get all software from it. It starts recognising the existent drives in the new AHCI mode, and showing yellow bubbles. Does anyone experience with this? To run the registry in Windows 8.

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Forum Windows 10 Forums Tutorials.

Find all posts by Big Elf. Keeping it simple would mean a quick boot to desktop and a small partition.

AHCI for Windows 8.1 and 8 via storahci (activate, switch)!

Swithing from raidon to ahci windows 8. Read his short description and do as it says. In your tutorial above I think you should mention the startoverride subkeys. Windows Vista and 7 would usually have the drivers anyway, but typically disable them.

How to Enable AHCI in WinXP – The Corsair User Forums

This was how it was set up in the factory and I haven’t changed it. I guess more modern OSes will also support it. Sorry to bump this thread, but I think this thw related Turn off achi mode? How to disable ahci mode in windows 8. This involves selecting the SATA controller entry ies?


Find programs windows 8. It even uses the most up-to-date Intel RST driver I hope I am not duplicating something here. Find all posts by Toasted.

Make sure Registry Editor PE plugin is enabled. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

It would be nice to be able to use all the features and benefits of the SSD. I changed pciide’s start value to 3, then tried booting in IDE and only then did it crash just as I expected. Other Info I actually have several machines that all frustrate me.

Finally after a few restart attempts Windows “repaired the problem” and the computer restarted normally. Achi locking up windows 8.

Enable and/or Disable AHCI – Windows 7 Help Forums

Yes, I use storage controller, chipset and motherboard somewhat interchangeably. Last edited by Brink; 15 Oct at It was disabled, Tje enabled it. I have an Ivy Bridge Z77 motherboard.

Ahci in win 8. Intel iK 5 GHz Motherboard: Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community.


Enable AHCI in Windows 8 and Windows 10 after Installation

The controller is often part of the chipset. On a slightly different topic, one may ask WHY would someone msachi.sys to flip back-and-forth between interfaces anyway?

Enable ahci in win 8. Extract this to get the 2 files iaAHCI. Thermaltake Core P3 wall mounted Cooling:

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