Sign in with Twitter. I exchanged a couple of e-mails before my purchase with a sales representative and had no issues at all. Overall, if you’re ready to pay the premium, Fanatec’s latest creations will do an admirable job of helping you out on the virtual track. Fanatec made an ‘Elite’ version of the CSR which had a similar wheel face, but shared a base with the clubsport instead of sharing the same base as the normal CSR. View More on EA Help. Eventually after 3 years of hard use the sporadic voltage issues from cheap potentiometers and a very cheap control board resulted in a loss of track performance and then outright failure.

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Has anyone got any they can sell me or know where I can get them? The aluminium shifter paddles behind the wheel are one of its best features. A small movement of the wheel results in HUGE steering inputs in the game.

Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel

Cons Fixed pedal angle. To me it wasnt ranatec issue since this wheel in my opinion was designed to be held at that ergo grip section. I have had no problems but reduced the in game FFB just to be safe. Need for Speed Our only real gripe is that, again like the GT2, we couldn’t manage to get the rails totally secure and it allowed the shifters to sway a bit more than we’d have preferred while in use. I definitely prefer these type in comparison to the static ones.


We fanated the score won’t be perfect because anyone with a wheel or not can score it so put your score in the post as well. As you mentioned, I am surprised that it wasn’t brought up earlier by other users. Accuracy is so good that I can actually drift cars in Forza, and I’m terrible at drifting.

Fanatec CSR: Video Game Accessories | eBay

They slide in through the side of the wheel’s base, and then get locked by twisting fanarec two coin screws. Granted, neither of those is necessary for gameplay so it doesn’t necessarily need fixing. Surpassed all my expectations, feel,buttons,preset capability on the fly, paddles and force feedback were a pleasant surprise to me. In essence, this is what is happening on my wheel.

Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR wheel and Elite pedals review

Past that, any of the two shifters can be hooked into place — it does take a bit of force, fanaetc, and it’s hard to gauge when the screws are twisted tight. That’s where I keep my hands most of the time any way. Reset, update, or link your account information. Despite their plastic foundations, both sticks and the paddles held their own even if we chose to be heavy-handed when quickly downshifting.

It’s your own personal tuneup shop within the wheel itself and can be accessed by simply hitting small fanateec to the right of the display. The Force Feedback and Shock Vibration settings are rather self explanatory, and let you regulate the intensity of the tactile sensations given by the motors.


I also recently purchased the CSR shifter set and the work perfectly with this wheel, they are a must in my opinion. Used exclusively with PC. The combination of the alcantara and the soft grip faantec really work and the shape of the grip is super comfortable for long stints. At first I thought it was just mine, but after seeing a few video reviews it seems other wheels have the same issue.

The wheel and pedals have turned up to today a bit bust up and with no cables. The most obvious change, though, is the racing-styled wheel grip.

Troubleshoot and test your connection. Game Update Racing wheel support and a manual transmission option now available in Need for Speed.

Cronusmax + Fanatec CSR vs Thrustmaster TMX? – Hardware & Peripherals – Forza Motorsport Forums

Speaking of shifting, all three options paddles, sequential and H-pattern sticksfor the most part, worked admirably. If you prefer traditional shifting, the shifter set comes with two options, both included in the package. The pedal adapter that came with the wheel worked flawlessly though.

Buttons placement, amount and quality:

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