Glad i could help! Create an account or login to get started! I’ll post a video later today so I can demonstrate what is going on. Check out the accompanying video for more information on this feature, and good luck. That just tells you Sonar knows it’s there. Regarding some of the points made by Brundlefly, I am not using a sound card.

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You need to have the audio outputs of the Motif connected to your soundcard’s audio input.

MIDI problems and Yamaha Motif XF8

Hellothanks for the reply guys. Here is how it is showing up in the Sonar GUI. Still playing with the settings.

I use powered speakers connected to the Yamaha keyboard. And the local control tip is a good one. I think understanding the utility menus on the Yamaha is what threw me.

Very sorry for the confusion all. Sanderxpander Max Output Level: Now I’m thinking it’s more probable that you’re hearing the Motif, but because you don’t have the MIDI routing figured out inside the Motif, the patch that you’re changing is not the one that the Motif is playing.


Motif XF USB-MIDI Setup Macintosh

Ultimately, you will want to create your own once you develop a preference of how you like to work. Wow this has been quite a long road to getting to this point. In your screenshot it looks like you have about six instances of the Motif and you’re using the second one. Cubase asks if you want to switch if it detects the motif, but sonar needs manual help. Regarding some of the points made by Brundlefly, I am not using a sound card.

I haven’t worked with ,otif keyboard that could act as the sound card before. I don’t have everything fully working yet but I feel I am going in the right direction thanks to your reply.

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Connecting External Midi Instruments – Yamaha MOTIF XF Reference Manual [Page 38]

I have tried General Midi mappings, Ch1 to Ch 1 mappings etc. I didn’t see anything on port 1 but will recheck. Essentials Only Full Version. I also de-selected the Yamaha audio playback drivers in the Sonar audio preference section. Picking A Plugin System.

Motif XF USB-MIDI Setup Macintosh – Yamaha Synth

I looked at your screenshot. Its mere presence is not enough. I include USB in the description because this template will configure my connections via USB; I have a separate template for when I am working with the firewire connection.


The fact that you hear sonar through your yamaha is normal. My guess would be that it defaults to using the port 1 in both cases, so you might just want to change your selections in MIDI Devices.

More articles by this author. I didn’t know it had this capability until posting on this forum.

I still have a little energy to be creative after all. User Control Panel Log out. Listen to my music on http: You are not directing the MIDI track output to the device real or virtual that you actually want to use.

But don’t say that to Yamaha, as they responded quite harsh when I suggested that at one time.

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