Released after the Voodoo 5 , the Voodoo4 is the budget implementation of the VSA product. There were five revisions of the Voodoo 5 This revision had MB of 5. The limitation of px x px maximum texture dimensions was also addressed and VSA can use up to px x px textures. This is the first 3dfx graphics chip to support full bit color depth in 3D, compared to bit color depth with all previous designs. The precarious financial situation of 3dfx was another factor contributing to the ‘s demise.

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The key is 3dfx’s T-Buffer, named for its creator 33dfx Tarolli, that provides a number of special effects, including FSAA, motion blur, depth of field, and soft shadows. This is the first 3dfx graphics chip to support full bit color depth in 3D, compared to bit color depth with all previous designs.

Later, unreleased boards were planned to offer a bit DDR memory design instead, in order to reduce board costs through lower complexity, while offering similar RAM performance. With regards to performance, little was known until enthusiasts were able to get pre-release hardware and run tests on it. The results showed that the Voodoo 5 outperformed the GeForce 2 Ultra and Radeonwhich were the fastest iterations of the GeForce 2 and Radeon R lines, respectively.

3dfx Voodoo5 5500

However, it was early in its development and only approximately twenty working cards were produced before 3dfx went bankrupt, and most assets were purchased by NVIDIA in late The Voodoo 5 is the unreleased high-end product in the Voodoo5 line.

Times have certainly changed – there’s no doubt about that. Initial models had the chips mounted in the arrangement seen in the photograph, but this required a PCB with eight circuitry layers most GeForce 2 cards were four-layer, while the Voodoo 5 was six-layer and would have been unreasonably expensive.


These cards were able to be powered by either the internal system PSU or by a proprietary 3dfx external power supply, a feature seen in all subsequent prototype revisions.

This was an early alpha of the card primarily used for photos and testing purposes. One of the design goals for the VSA was scalability. The successor to 550 Voodoo 5 series, codenamed “Rampage”, was already planned and had been in development for years.

Views Read Edit View history. All of the later revisions had the four chips mounted in a row.

This would have been an external device that would connect to an AC outlet. We’ll examine the FSAA image quality debate in an upcoming article focused specifically on that, but for now we’ll briefly say that our initial impressions give 3dfx the edge here.

The Test – 3dfx Voodoo 5 PCI

Despite its high price point, the Voodoo5 would not have offered next-generation DirectX 8. Retrieved from ” https: It wasn’t too long ago that NVIDIA was proclaiming bit d3fx as the next key feature for 3D accelerators, while 3dfx kept insisting that speed was king. Released after the Voodoo 5the Voodoo4 is the budget implementation of the VSA product. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

What we have today is the Voodoo5 that 3dfx needs to do reasonably well to keep them afloat until their next generation product. In some cases, the was shown to compete well with the next-generation GeForce 3.


3dfx Voodoo 5 AGP | eBay

The VSA chips used still did not have a long life expectancy, and may have had problems running anti-aliasing. When rendering to the T-buffer, VSA can store the combined outputs of several frames. We previewed the Voodoo5 back in April, but final silicon and drivers have finally arrived in the AnandTech lab and boards are now available after one last compatibility related delay. Cards from this revision varied in stability from dead to fully functional.

Of course, that was almost nine months ago and things have changed quite a bit since then. It used only one VSA chip and did not need an additional power connection. Because the card used more power than the AGP specification allowed for, a special power supply called Voodoo Volts had to be included with it.

It was built on a nm semiconductor manufacturing process, as with Voodoo3.

Unfortunately the production cost of the Voodoo5 would have likely hampered its competitiveness from a profitability standpoint. 3dfs VSA supports a hardware accumulation buffer, known as the “T-buffer”. It was rumored that GeForce 2 Ultra was intended to prevent 3dfx taking the lead with their Voodoo 5 We all expected a fill rate monster out of 3dfx and the products they announced based on the VSA managed to fulfill every last one of our expectations.

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